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    We at the Mult Edit Software Development Labs are happy to announce the release of the latest Multi-Edit 2008 (v11.03.00) update.

    This update includes the much anticipated keystroke macro changes that allow it to work under Vista. The changes were done in such a way as to permit old keystroke macros to continue to function. Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 was also added.

    Since we have converted to a common code base, all Multi-Edit packages were updated, this included MeLite, MeLS and mobileME. Below are the links to get your updated copy of each program or you can use the Help | Check for Upgrade menu from within your copy of Multi-Edit to download the update.

    * Multi-Edit 2008 (v11.03.00): … Me2008.exe
    * Multi-Edit Lite 2008 (v11.03.00): … te2008.exe
    * Multi-Edit Lite for SAS 2008 (v11.03.00): … LS2008.exe
    * mobileME 2008 (v11.03.00): … bileME.exe

    To install these updates you will need the Serial Number and Release Codes that you received when you purchased your copy. Also the mobileME installer will require the password you received to install it.

    If you wish to take a look a the latest Readme for the v11.03 release it can be viewed at

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