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    We are hard at work on the next version of Multi-Edit version 9.1. Below are some of the incorporated features.

      [*:3dzzewj6]Completed Features

      [*:3dzzewj6] End of line processing
      Changed processing of line ending characters to better support editing Dos (CrLf), UNIX (Lf) and Mac (Cr) formatted files.
      Files with multiple line ending characters will be correctly handled.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Perl 5 style regular expressions support.
      The ability to use Perl 5 regular expressions in searches
      [*:3dzzewj6] Many new navigation panes

      [*:3dzzewj6] Templates
      Shows two sets of template lists usually the template set for the current file and the global template set for normal language files.
      [*:3dzzewj6] File List
      A user defined list of commonly used files to allow quick loading into Multi-Edit.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Window List
      A list of all loaded windows.[/*:m:3dzzewj6][/list:o:3dzzewj6]
      [*:3dzzewj6] Resizeable Dialogs
      Allow dialogs to be created that can be resized.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Beyond Compare integration
      Allows Beyond Compare to be launched when comparing files from within Multi-Edit
      [*:3dzzewj6] Ada tag support.
      Added full support for tagging Ada source files.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Code formatting via Trita
      A fully registered copy of the Trita code formatter will be included and will format the following languages.
      Perl (possible)
      Delphi (possible)
      C++ (possible)
      [*:3dzzewj6] Support for Ant, NAnt, and Want, build environments.
      [*:3dzzewj6] C/C++ language support
      CFindFunction macro completely rewritten and should work with any reasonably written code. Reports correct context information for functions, classes, structs, unions, enums and namespaces.

      “Align continuation lines to opened braces” option added to Formatting/Coding Properties Setup dialog. When enabled, it aligns code as follows:

      ALongFunctionCall(Param1, Param2, Param3,
      Param4, Param5);

      Added function header parsers which allow writing macros and templates parametrized by real functions. As an example there is a macro which creates Doxygen comment block and a macro which creates TDBG traces displaying all function parameters on enter and return value on leave.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Updated BSC support
      Support added for using VS.NET compiler.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Improved TipWin support
      New tooltip windows used for displaying function definitions.
      Multi-line, highligh current parameter, ability to use colors, and configurable.

      Generic language support allowing to add new languages. Currently C/C++, CMAC and Delphi/Pascal are supported. MeTags, BSC and CMAC kernel function list are used as info source and it is possible to add new ones via hooks.
      [*:3dzzewj6]Automatic function templates
      This feature allows automatically expanding function parameters as a template when open parameter parenthesis is written. Currently configured via TipWin configuration dialog (TipWin^TipWinGlobalConfig). Supports the same set of languages as TipWin.
      [*:3dzzewj6]Macro Debugging
      DebugLog macro uses standard Win32 debug output for log number 0 and GExpert Debug Window application for log number 1.

      Added TDBG trace library (see for details) which allows to write code without conditional compilation directives and configure traces via dialog whenever necessary. Supports traces from external DLLs.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Updated Telnet support
      Added a MeTerm program to handle all telnet compiling. Also moved the telnet server information into its own database so a compiler entry no longer needs to be tied to a single telnet server.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Microsoft Integration
      Added option to allow all loaded files or only the current file in the Microsoft IDE to be syncronized in Multi-Edit.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Borland Integration
      Added option to allow all loaded files or only the current file in the Borland IDE to be syncronized in Multi-Edit.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Evolve
      The Evolve Add-On will become part of the standard release.
      [*:3dzzewj6]Features in Progress – as of Oct 2003

      [*:3dzzewj6] Visual line ending characters
      [*:3dzzewj6] Dynamic word wrap.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Unit testing framework for CMac macros.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Import/Export of user config items
      [*:3dzzewj6] Visual Studio .NET integration.
      [*:3dzzewj6] User configurable virtual space character support.
      [*:3dzzewj6] Convert MeTags file format to be compatable with Exuberant CTags to allow using it to also tag source files.

    Better documentation would be nice for the networked versions on how to propegate a new language and settings down to users without noodling up their configuration files.

    Having just about everything stored in a single .CFG file bodes ill in two respects – 1) you cannot easily install just those bits needed for an existing user 2) As the file is similar to a database, and must be stored in RAM, there would, to me, be an upper limit to the size of information that the file can contain. Not a good thing.

    Also, better language support for RPN (post-fix) notational languages such as Forth and PostScript. I don’t mind setting up and maintaining the language, but the language setup dialog is a bit lacking in support for some of the idoscyracies in languages of this sort (I do a LOT of PostScript programming!). I can get about 95% of the language setup.

    Information on the PostScript language can be found at Look for the file and you will have all the info you need on the language, semantics, grammer, etc.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


    I would like to see some enhanced FTP features as it relates to remote editing of files and not having FTP so tightly coupled with projects. There seem to be a few of these threads on the archived board looking for similar functionality:



    I would love to see some more advanced FTP options as well. For instance:

    – If you delete a file from the project on your local drive, it gives you the option of deleting it from the remote site as well.

    – If you FTP a file in a directory that doesn’t exist on the remote site, the directory is created in the remote site (rather than having the FTP operation fail).

    Mike Wilson

    It would be nice if the Project pane tree was extended to include functions (from the Tags View) at the bottom of the tree.

    There should be a File Open menu item at the path levels of the tree, which just opens the File Open Dialog, at that path.


    I sure wouldn’t mind seeing the ability to word-wrap. It’s kind of embarassing to have to drop down to Notepad to get that when I’m looking at a file without it.

    I’d also like to see folding based on the C# #region keyword.


    I would be nice to see better VCS integration, specifically PVCS integration. The ability to check in and out of PVCS without leaving multiedit would be very handy. The ease of intergration with a VCS is also important.


    I might be opening a can of worms by asking this.. Hopefully not.. Here goes :)

    Is the beta cycle open or closed for 9.1? (that is, open to public to test or a private group of testers) If it’s a closed beta, how would one apply for beta tester privileges?



    I could really use the improved tagging that the proposed support for Exuberant CTags would provide.

    Could someone in the know post an update on the status of the Features in Progress that Dan mentioned in the initial message of this topic?

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