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    I just wasted an hour and a half crafting an elaborate posting in the topic, and when I clicked the Save button, the whole thing vanished (I got silently logged out and my textbox entry is not saved anywhere). :cry:

    Anyway, instead of re-creating the entire writeup, if you are using Multi-Edit with SVN 1.7 or higher (current is 1.8 ), you may be aware that the VCS support for SVN in the most recent Multi-Edit release (11.04) is no longer working.

    I wrote a few macros that allow me to do file level compare between pristine (repository) baseline and current working copy file in SVN 1.8.
    If you are interested, post a reply, and I will share the macros.

    Good day!

    Clay Martin

    Due too spam issues, anyone’s first post on the board has to be approved. After that all posts will be visible right away. I did not see a post in the user created macros forum waiting for approval, so I’m not sure what went wrong. It would be great if you can post your macros and a description of how to use them.



    Hi, thanks for accepting my post.

    Attached please find the fcmp_svn17.s macro source file that contains the macros for use with SVN 1.7 and higher.
    In addition to working with the newer SVN, the macros also add a convenient way to invoke the file compare using the BeyondCompare vs. the original Multi-Edit native compare method. (I found that I was switching back-and-forth between the two compare tools during different phases of the coding, each having strengths over the other in different areas, and it was just much simpler to directly invoke them via assigned keystrokes vs. frequently having to go to Customize–>File Compare–>Compare Engine to change the default.)

    To use the macros, save the attached file to a convenient location (mine is in the SVN archive of all my projects so that I can always find a copy of it).
    Then open the file in Multi-Edit, hit ‘F9’ to compile it. With a properly installed Multi-Edit distro, it should compile with no errors.

    The main API calls to this file are
    mcs_DiffCurrFile_BCDiffer and

    I have assigned these two macros to two keys using Tools–>Customize–>General–>Keys/Commands–> ‘Insert’ and created two entries, e.g. ‘Visual comp curr file MeFc’ and ‘Visual comp curr file BCDIff’ (the names of the commands are absolutely your preference).
    For the MEFC version, set the Command Line entry on the panel to use FCMP_SVN17^mcs_DiffCurrFile_MeFc and assign a unique Primary Key to it on the same panel. (You may have to de-conflict if the key you selected is already assigned to something else.)
    For the BCDiff version, set the command line to use FCMP_SVN17^mcs_DiffCurrFile_BCDiffer and assign a unique Primary Key to it, with the same de-conflict rules.

    Once this is done, all you have to do is open a text file that’s under SVN configuration management and hit one of the Primary Keys you selected above. The macros will figure out the URL to the server side copy of the file in focus, get a temporary ‘pristine’ copy in the Multi-Edit temp directory, and invoke the file compare method of your choice. Once you are done, the macro will delete the temporary file on the way out.

    IMPORTANT: the SvnFindURL macro (which is part of the execution chain when you invoke any of the two above named main entry macros) uses the command line client of SVN, so the command line SVN client has to be a.) installed on your machine and b.) on the default path seen by Multi-Edit. (If you are only using TortoiseSVN you may want to install a command line version as a secondary SVN package, or these macros may not work.) To test whether you can expect the macro to work in ME, go to File–>Command Shell, and in the window that opens, manually type in svn<Enter>. If you get a "Type ‘svn help’ for usage." message then the command line SVN client is properly configured for Multi-Edit to use, and the macros will work as advertised. If, on the other hand, what you get is an error message then the SVN client is either not installed or it’s not on the default search path. You will need to correct that before you can use the macros in this file.

    Hope that it’s going to prove useful to someone, I know I am using these every day.


    Clay Martin

    Thanks posting this!

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