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    Hi. I’m new to MultiEdit and looking for a feature.
    I’m writing VHDL code for a FPGA and often need to write several successive lines with the same text e.g. 10 lines with the word “signal”.
    In UltraEdit I can make the cursor 10 lines high and only type “signal” once.
    Does this feature exist in MultiEdit?

    Any help much appreciated.


    David Morris

    Almost. Multi-Edit supports block fills that copy the currently selected line or column to the rest of the selection range, but you have to create the space first, i.e. you would have to insert 10 blank lines, type “signal” in the first line, extend a block from there down to select 10 lines, then select Edit->Block Operations->Fill Block Down. In the default keymap, the shortcut key is Ctrl-K D.

    It should be a fairly trivial exercise to write a CMAC macro that inserts the appropriate number of lines first before filling the block, avoiding the need to pre-insert the lines by hand.


    Thanks for your quick reply

    It’s not optimal but it’s sure a big help

    On the other hand this will give me the challenge to figure out have the Development Forums works :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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