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    Is it possible to configure (or change a macro script), such that the tools pane can be shown vertically (either left or right) rather than Horizontally.

    Currently my most common task in the tools pane is the file-find feature, but lists of files are often longer than they are wider, and source code is also often longer than wider ….. so it seems more convenient to be able to place this pane down the side than across the bottom.

    Brian Dukes


    Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. If you wish to experiment, the code that creates, positions, and sizes both panes is located in the macro source files and Panes.s. It could certainly be done, as those panes are merely Windows child windows, but it would be a lot of work, as the behavior you’re interested in is hard-coded throughout those modules.

    If you feel strongly about this feature, post it as a request in the Suggestions forum.


    I think Reid is thinking too hard. :) You don’t need to rewrite the tool or nav pane functionality at all. You just need to tell the individual tabs where they should be. I just spent 5 minutes confirming that this works by moving a couple panes back and forth.

    If you open Search.s and replace _pwt_Tool with _pwt_Nav, the find results tabs will now be vertical, in the Nav pane. If you do this, I suggest getting rid of the icon “BT_somethingorother” (by using a null string) and replacing the caption on the tab with F: + Str(listnum) or whatever it is, because Find 0 (Icon) doesn’t fit on a little sqare Nav pane tab…

    It’s a bit of a hassle to do this on every pane you want to move, but it’s a lot easier than rewriting Panes.s.

    After you’ve tested this to your satisfaction, you’ll probably need to exit MEW, and do a ‘Rebuild Macro source’ for it to stick – Search.s is in one of the merged libraries, I believe.

    From a suggestion standpoint, if this is an idea with lots of support, it would be fairly straightforward to add a setup item where you can pick Tool/Nav for the various panes, and have it decide based on preferences, rather than hard-coded values.

    IMO, though, the panes seem to make sense where they are, based on the type of data they tend to display. I know the panes I’ve written have been designed for a tall, narrow display of a tall, narrow dataset. :)


    Thinking too hard? More like not thinking at all. :? Actually I considered the way you suggest, but decided that would take more thought. A suggestion I once made, but forget where, is that the pane functionality should be made absolutely general, so you can put a pane up anywhere, then decide what you want in that pane (with reasonable default installation choices, of course). I guess I better find that suggestion and re-submit it.

    I defer to someone who’s spent a lot more time staring out of window panes than I have. :wink:


    Cheers guys, when I get a few minutes I will give it a go.

    I have to confess, that i’ve not messed with ME macros at all, I used to use Brief a few years back, and then converted to ME (DOS originally) when Borland took over Brief, and then let it die.

    I used to do an awful lot of macro work in Brief … but pressures of doing “real work” have not allowed me to be so lucky with ME.

    Thanks for the support, and expert help given



    Thanks mostly to Brent, but I’ll always accept accolades, even if not meant for me. :) Just so long as you tell us what a “Boffin” actually is. The Sceptred Isles are my favorite spot to holiday, and a ripping good place to get a proper Cream Tea, what?

    So, you understand, I couldn’t bear the disgrace of misusing the term. Why, for all I know, it could come huffing from the tulgey wood, and me standing there all beamish with no Vorpal Blade because I couldn’t get it through customs. Simply not to be borne, yes? :wink:

    <You had to imagine Frank Finlay, or even Michael Caine, saying that, not me…dissipates the effect something dreadful in my voice> :D


    I tend to think panes in my sleep – I’ve written around 8 1/2 of them now, mostly in fits of laziness about my real job. Anything I can keep within a click or two, I try to put in a pane somewhere. I’m not looking for Multi-Emacs, but I do like convenience. :)

    I’d rather spend time writing a macro once than do things the hard way twice.

    Brian, I think you’ll find the change will take you less than 5 minutes – it’s literally a search and replace (4 items) and a quick edit to change the caption for the tab. Let me know if you have any trouble.


    Thanks Brent,
    I’ve now implemented the changes you recommended, and yes, a 5minute job (well about 3.5mins to be precise!!)

    Works a treat, and going back to the original questions as to whether this would be a feature that would be “good to have” …. my personal thoughts about these things is, give the user flexibility — agreed having vertical panes is not to everyones liking, and somethings are definately better suited to a horizontal pane … but if the user has the choice, then they can configure it their own design!!

    Additionally, another “nice to have” with panes could be “auto-hiding” panes …. not sure if it would end up being gimmicy or useful … but again if its a configurable setting, its upto the user!! LOL

    Hehe Reid does Michael Caine, not alot of people know that!!

    A “Boffin”, is a term used to descibe someone like a professor, someone who knows everything! I gained the title when I was 17 when I knew more than I was being taught in I.T. at College … my tutor quickly named me this, and it stuck!!


    Additionally, another “nice to have” with panes could be “auto-hiding” panes …. not sure if it would end up being gimmicy or useful … but again if its a configurable setting, its upto the user![/quote:11b55g04]

    Auto-hiding in what sense? Some of the panes (well, tabbed dialogs within panes, but they take the panes with them) already do this, depending on user settings. The File Search feature, for instance, which can be set to close the pane when you double-click a found item. Is this what you had in mind, or something more elaborate?

    Hehe Reid does Michael Caine, not alot of people know that![/quote:11b55g04]

    Well, Michael does call me up to waffle at me periodically, but other than that… :)


    Brent Said:

    I’ve written around 8 1/2 of them now, [/quote:ca3oeh48]

    Jeez, what sort of things are you creating? The sql completion has been the first thing I’ve really needed/wanted.



    Let’s see –

    My CVSPane evil hack to give me a CVS gui inside MEW

    My DebugTab integrating SysInternal’s DbgView with MEW

    My FBrowse file system browser

    My NotePane conversion of the MEW Notebook

    My Schema pane to keep my Clarify database info handy

    There are a couple more, but these are the ones I’ve built based on my own ideas.

    I’ve actually done the work necessary to turn these into add-ons; I’ve just been too much of a slacker to put ’em up on the Wiki… Maybe someday…

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