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    I’m still using Win-XP-Pro.


    Clay said: > "This bug is on the top of the bug list."

    Can we please have a fix for this? By year end? Since it’s at the top of the list, this should be doable. The problem occurs about half of the time, and messes up my work flow about two dozen times a day. And not just that — even worse, it has frequently resulted in wrong information copied into some of my projects.

    (Also, as mentioned in my previous post this is not only a Win-7 problem; I have XP.)

    Clay Martin

    The problem did exist in XP, just seems worse in Win 7.




    But you didn’t respond to my question. The point my last message was that you said in May that "this bug is at the top of the list."

    Can we please have a fix for this, post haste? This is much more than a multi-time daily annoyance — it is a significant time sap that interrupts workflow, and more importantly results in mistakes (by pasting data from a previous clipboard copy operation, not the current one), and depending on the nature of the information or the intensity of the work these errors can be hard to detect.

    This bug IS A SERIOUS ISSUE. Please take it seriously, and make the fix without further delay.



    We are currently working on our Multi-Edit x build and this bug ‘will’ be addressed in our initial public release which is currently scheduled for late first quarter 2012. I apologize for not addressing this bug in the 2008 build, but we are working ‘forwards’ with all fixes on the newest build of Multi-Edit and therefore will not be releasing any further bug fixes or patches for the current Multi-Edit 2008 build.

    Rest assured however this bug will not exist in the newest build! :)


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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