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    I’m using Multi-Edit 9.10.02.

    The default tagging procedure for CSharp will correctly identify classes and a simple methods with zero parameters. However, the majority of methods seemed to be ignored and are not listed in the Tag View. In some cases they are simply listed as “object” in the Tag Pane. When examining the .tag file for the csharp project, I find that all the method names seemed to be included, but are not being parsed into the Tag View.

    The Help documentation talks about modifying the MeTags macro but goes on to claim that “Function Tagging” details are beyond the scope of the Help documentation.

    Our group uses CSharp extensively and we really need the Function Tagging feature. Can you direct us to some sample solutions?




    From what I understand, the tagging support isn’t as strong as it could be for C++ or C#. One thing I’ve considered doing to extend MEW’s tagging support is writing a converter to convert a CTags tag file over to the METAGS format.

    I’ve also briefly toyed with just adding CTags support to MEW in general, and allowing users to specify which tagging system to use for a project/extension, but I haven’t really had the time to get serious about it, yet. It kinda works for what I’m doing (ClearBasic Intellisense) but it’s lacking since the tag pane doesn’t work, etc.

    The more pressing question, especially now that TipWin has been expanded, is how to get TipWin info for the .NET Framework classes. :) When I get more free time, I guess I’ll have to play with ildasm/Reflector and see if I can come up with any brilliant ideas.

    This is a long way around saying that I haven’t got the answer you’re looking for, but I’ve been asking myself the same questions.


    Back in September/October 2003 Dan Hughes posted in the Announcements forum that …

    Convert MeTags file format to be compatable with Exuberant CTags to allow using it to also tag source files.[/quote:3bjb78kp]

    … was one of the features to be implemented at some point in 9.1.

    I guess that we’re all still waiting and hoping.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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