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    I run MeLite (v 10.05.00) on a PC which runs Windows XP
    The PC is seldom re-booted

    When attempting to paste into MEL the current block in the buffer is not pasted, only a block that was previously pasted

    The only solution seems to be to shutdown MEL and re-start it which is really pain

    Normally MEL is running all the time

    This problem used to occur only occasionally but now it seems to occur on a regular basis

    I’ve used ME/MEL for years and have never encountered such an annoying problem which can really slow down my productivity

    Is there a fix to this?

    Will I get this problem if I upgrade to the full version of ME?


    Clay Martin


    This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next version. It is a intermittent bug that some users rarely encounter and others more often. Usually it occurs when Multi-Edit has been running a long time or lots of session changes have been made. A temporary work around, without restarting the editor is to use Paste Special when pasting from sources outside the editor. If you use sessions and/or projects usually a restart is quick and all your open files are reopened on restart.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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