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    Dan Luther

    Hi folks,

    I’ve a couple of question I can’t seem to quite figure out — in the Perl language support, why doesn’t the Auto adjust EOL comment work?

    In "C", if I set the EOL comment to any column and type "//" after any code line, it’s automatically moved over to the correct column. This behavior does not occur in the Perl language. I haven’t had time to step through all the "C" and "Perl" language support, so I wondered if this was an issue with the "Language" module or the "Perl" module. I’ve got my "End of line comments" set to "#", "Column" set to 0, and "SepChars" is blank — just like in the "C" settings *

    Also, the comment character changes the color of code, even when it’s escaped. Something like:

    if (/^\#/) {next;}

    … will cause everything starting with the "#" character to be treated as a comment, even though it’s not.

    Anyone have pointers on how I might be able to resolve these?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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