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    Hi All,
    I have downloaded the latest ME 9.10 upgrade. I also downloaded the latest PolyStyle install, apparently version 3.1c.

    I unzipped the PS file to c:\program files\multi-edit 9.10\polystyle.

    In ME, I went to Tools –> Install Add-on Packages. In the browser, I navigated to c:\program files\multi-edit 9.10\polystyle\addons, and the magical install lst was found. I completed the install.

    When I open Tools –> Config Code Formatter, it shows that I am still running version 2.0z of PS.

    Obviously I missed something along the way. Was I supposed to unzip to the addons folder, rather than the polystyle folder. Do I need to uninstall the original polystyle by deleteing folders or items someplace.

    Any help would be appreciated?


    You can use this link to download the current Polystyle version:

    http://www.polystyle.com/download/partn … dition.zip

    You can check what the current version is on this page:

    To upgrade, make a backup of your Polystyle\examples directory in the Multi-Edit tree, then unzip the above file over your existing Polystyle directory. Finally copy your old example files back.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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