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    Any suggestions what program I should get to make Adobe Acrobat .pdf files?


    Try ELFIMA NOTEPAD on, it’s free



    How about Adobe Acrobat? :)

    I’ve recently started experimenting with some of the freeware PDF printers, and I haven’t had a lot of luck with them. Embedded fonts don’t seem to work very well with them. My interest in creating PDFs doesn’t quite extend to paying for them – it was more a point of curiousity than anything, so I temporarily shelved that idea.


    Do the programs which install as a printer and you just “print” to the program and it makes a PDF file, do those programs make the text into an image so you can not search the document for text words?

    Wayne Ostrowercha

    OpenOffice ( [url:33orwrbp][/url:33orwrbp] ) (free download for linux, Windoze) will export .pdf files. It also understands M$Office formats as well, if you are just interested in converting documents. (However, it cannot edit .pdf files).


    This is what I love about the diversity of the ME user base. I’ve heard of open office, but having the full version of MS Office I’d not pursued it, and I’ve never heard of Elfima Notepad, but now I have thanks to y’all. :)

    I had someone else recently asking the same question about making pdf files and now I have a couple options to pass along…



    While I use Open Office along with MS Office (I use the drawing and presentation aspects of OO, since I don’t have the full MS Office suite), I use a “freeware” (GNU license) PDF “printer” most of the time. When I go to print any document, from any application, I have the option of using any installed printer, and the PDF printer.

    That way it doesn’t matter what program I use, I can always generate a PDF. Printing a web page to the PDF printer makes it real handy to capture a web page to a file, like for receipts or design examples.

    It’s a little involved to set up, but it’s worth it for the price. The PDFs that are created retain all the text as text, so they are pretty lightweight and searchable. I have printed using special fonts, so I’m going to assume there isn’t any embedding issues. I’ve attached a PDF of this page created using RedMon/Ghostscript for everyone to review.

    You’ll need to download RedMon, a port redirector, and Ghostscript. Both are free to download and use.

    You can get ghostcript and redmon here:

    Enjoy! :)

    Leslie Satenstein

    try and look at their pdf stuff.

    It is not free, but not expensive.


    As an update to my earlier post…

    I’ve recently found and tried a nicer interface to generate PDF’s called CutePDF. They have some commerical software too but they offer a freeware PDF printer driver (which is what I tried). It requires ghostscript like RedMon does, but it takes care of all the messy setup issues. Just install GS, then install the CutePDF driver and you’re ready to print any file from any application into a PDF.



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