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    In order to have Windows interpret my Python escaape codes I import the Python module ‘colorama’.
    My other editor ‘Geany’ has no problem displaying my colored code but the output in MultiEdit is just always plaipn white text on black background.

    Is there a way to configure MultiEdit version 11 so that it too can properly display colored text in my python code?

    import colorama
    print(“\x1b[1;32;40m” + “Hello World”)

    Clay Martin

    Multi-Edit has a language definition for python. It only has the first bank of reserved words filled in, you can add to the other areas. Then In Tools-Customize-Colors you can choose various schemes for coloring your code or even create new ones. If you go to Tools-Customize-Languages, select Python and press edit, you can add keywords (your codes)there. Under Tools-Customize-Extensions, you can pick out the Python extension and press edit. You can then specify which color scheme to use for all python editing.

    Hope that helps,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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