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    I have the same problem and also nokia pc suite. I just rightclicked it and "close" but the error remains. Do I need to do something extra?[/quote:3ujqzhpf]
    Surprise! Yet more support questions that never get answered!

    And this all right after I received an email from Multi-Edit:

    Send any support questions or Bug Reports to
    or by using Help | Create Bug Report from within Multi-Edit.
    You may also post your questions on our support forums at:[/quote:3ujqzhpf]

    Thank you for directing us to your forums, the black hole of the tech support!


    We are working on rewriting the keystroke macro code to not use the Journal Hook API and it will be made available in the next free update for Multi-Edit 2008 when it is working. This was announced in the recently sent newsletter.


    I don’t have nokia working but deactivated / stop the Bluetooth and it worked again. Hopefully someone monitored the changement of status and dig and found. Many thanks.

    But anyway, the multi edit troop is not serious with the support for this bug. They knew it and discard

    If they had at least say something around, check your bluetooth or whatever else but here nothing.

    The one thing which is good, I received a mail informing me of an answer in this thread. Multi edit guys are not doing anything but a robot does something for us. Not that bad.

    But my wallet remains close.




    Wow, a lot of folks are mad at MultiEdit. Especially since this was nailed
    down solidly in September of 2005, nearly four years ago. (See page 6 of this

    So your development machine has some other windows program running that does
    not properly handle windows messages, and MultiEdit is expected to completely
    rewrite a feature that WORKS FINE, as a workaround for that program’s problem?

    And what about the next issue caused by another poorly written app? Another

    When would the developers have time to implement new features and make updates
    to account for the next versions of Windows if they spent all their time
    discovering and fixing bugs in all the other programs that might be used on the
    same system as MultiEdit?

    I leave that question as an exercise for the reader.



    This issue has been resolved and is available in the Multi-Edit 2008 (v11.03.00) update.

    See the following link for more deatils.


    The cursor is blinking but the key is not echoed to the screen. ME does not respond to any mouse clicks. The Windows desktop itself is frozen.


    (I edited out the remainder of my message. The problem reported was operator failure.)


    Did you ever find the solution?

Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)
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