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    Hello MultiEdit authors and CMAC gurus,

    There’s a feature in MS Visual Studio and Eclipse that I would like to see added to ME. Perhaps this would be a great idea for someone to implement as an entry into one of the CMAC contests (hint hint) :)

    It would be awesome if a user could define or change from a default a comment string (perhaps in the language "property strings" dialog in the language setup dialog) that would then be used in a "find in all project files", not just open windows. All lines that match that comment string and then display the results of search in a window pane. Aas a sub-pane in the project view pane would be nice, or as it’s own tab. It would group the lines by file, and the entries themselves would be clickable to take you to that line in that file, opening the file up if it isn’t already open, similar to how the "find all" results pane works. I use the "find all" pane for other searches, and it’s not convenient to try to use it for this purpose.

    As an option, consecutive contiguous comment lines maybe should be considered as a single comment and receive only an entry for the first comment in block.

    I should add that this list of special comments strings should probably be dynamically updated, perhaps a global scan when a project is opened (in case files changed on disk) and a local file scan when a file is saved (to detect changes) and when a file is opened.

    The common C/Java string that I’ve seen used for this purpose is "// TODO" followed by whatever it is that needs to be done. Obviously other languages would need to be able to define their own and some programmers may choose a different style or convention.

    I’d research and do this myself, but I haven’t had the time in the last year to do it, and I don’t think i’ll probably ever get the time.

    Any takers, or perhaps someone from ME might think this is a worthwhile request and add it natively to ME? :)

    Thank you for listening and considering this idea.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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