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    Clay Martin

    Full version ME 10.x

    It would be nice if the FTP tools available when using projects were more robust. Currently I use an external FTP tool in conjunction with ME to achieve some of these functionalities. Some features would be:

    Remote directories created if they don’t exist. Thus if you added a subdirectory under your project root (locally), and create a file in that directory, when you send the file the ME would notice that the directory does not exist in the remote location and it would issue the command to create the directory, then upload the file.

    Upload all files in open tabs that have been changed. Thus when you start ME (in a project) and edit a few files you can tell ME to upload changed files and it would upload all the files you edited, then mark them so they would not be uploaded again with that command until they have been edited again.

    Mark files in a project that never get uploaded. By marking certain files, even if they are selected in the project pane (because you selected a file, then shift selected another to mark a larger group) then right clicked and selected send files, these specialy marked files that happened to be selected, will be excluded from the upload. Of course you would need to be able to un mark files if situations change.

    Down load files that are not in the project list. This is not as important as the others but would be useful for grabbing error logs. File would be added to the project list after the download.

    Have an option to bypass the question "Add this file to the project list?" that pops up when you right click in an edit window and select send file. Currently you are asked that question. I would be nice to have an option to automatically add any such file and not be asked that question.

    Download entire project/subtree of project to a different root directory. This would allow you to make a backup of the remote files without effecting your project files. This would allow a quick restore of a website after you foolishly made too many changes to too many files without appropriate intermediate testing. :lol: You would also need a function to do the upload, not from the project but from this "alternate/backup" project. Seriously though this would be useful when applying upgrades or mods to web apps like this forum.

    FTP error noise. When an FTP operation has errors a noise/beep is made in addition to the error message in the FTP log which is often scrunched down so small that you can’t see the errors. Another solution would be that the error/ok line is moved to the bottom of the log entry, which would help for single file uploads but not multiple file uploads.

    I hope this is what you were looking for in your mention of this forum in the newsletter, versus me making this entry in the Suggestions forum.

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