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    Jeez I wish I’d Ctrl-C’d a copy of the edit box I just typed in before pressing “Submit” and then seeing it say “You must be logged in…” So now I get to do this all over again. Horray!

    I won’t be as nice this time.

    The MEL 11 Window List is stupid and the developer who coded it should be disciplined, and probably given the job of getting coffee for other developers who actually do something useful. However, I sincerely hope that the said developer has moved on to some other company to destroy someone else’s product.

    Compared to the way MEL 10 works, the extra tab key required to actually get to the file list and select something is the least annoying part.

    My peers have a habit of stacking C++ namespaces on to filenames, such as:


    1. The window list column that shows the filename only displays the first 32 chars, clipping off the actually important part of the filename. The column is fixed at a PIXEL width, so most of the dialog is white blank space to the right of the path.

    2. The prospect of hot-keying to the window list, typing in the first 10 to 20 chars of the filename to narrow down the list, then pressing tab, then up/down arrow to select the file is just plain ridiculous.

    The ‘Status’ check-box…what…shows or hides the ‘changed’ indicator? Was it worth the time to code that?

    Also, the item highlighted is what you selected last time, not what file you’re editing (as was the case with MEL 10). This would probably be a helpful feature if you were going through collections of code one at a time to change the author’s name to your own so that you could sound really productive at review time, but I can’t think of much else. Besides, there’s file search-and-replace (which granted, the aforementioned idiot would probably not know of).

    I look at “improvement” like this and think awful thoughts. The coder is sitting there alone in their cube, fantasizing about a customer who wants them to change colors and rename buttons and such. Or else it’s the “now that I’ve put my thumb prints on it, it’s much better” kind of syndrome. Maybe they talked to a single customer who has an collection of DOS files that have 8.3 char filenames, and wishes that the dialog didn’t take up so much space on their 640×480 monitor.

    Kevin Hise
    ME & MEL user since 6 (1992?)


    Now I dislike it even more. I just opened MEL with out any files open (everything closed) and then, after opening several files that were on a USB drive (G:), opened the window list box to see….nothing! No files are displayed. Imagine…six or so files open and none showing up in the file-list dialog.

    In order to see the files you have open, you must un-check the "Local files" checkbox so that you can see them. This forces me to see the MEL system files as well (which I guess I can edit or close). Not really sure what the value of this idea is.

    I realize now that I’ve seen this behavour before, opening a file at some point, and then having to "open" it again, because it does not show up in the file list dialog.


    Clay Martin

    Hi Kev,
    I’ll pass this along to the bug list for the new build of Multi-Edit


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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