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    I’m thinking about loading a sql file as a hidden window, but I’m wondering what will happen if I then load that file for editing, save it, and close it.

    what happens to the hidden version I had loaded. Were they one and the same (so now the file is no longer loaded). Or is the hidden version out of date now? By chance would it be reloaded?



    ..but I don’t remember the particulars. To avoid confusing myself, I’ve started doing something along this line any time I need a working copy of a ‘real’ file:

    Window_Attr = _wa_SystemHidden;
    Load_File( strFileName );
    File_name = TempFileName (_sch_SchemaBufName);


    to load it, and immediately rename it to a temp file.


    Actually, the problem doesn’t arise. If it’s already loaded, but hidden, when you attempt to load it for editing you’ll get a dialog telling you it’s already loaded, and asking if you want to reload it or simply make the already-loaded version visible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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