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    Ok, I know this is an evil question, but I was wondering what MESI was working on, other than the website. I’v seen sugestions and sometimes Dan will say “I’ll add it to the list”. Whats on the list? Where is the list? I’v been to the codev wikki page and both FeatureToDo and FeatureUnderConst. are empty.

    I know 9e just came out, and I’m not in any hurry (I’m happy) but I’m curious if your working on a 9f little patch or a more impressive 9.1.

    May I ask one more evil ‘way down the road’ question? Is 9, 9.1 etc just fixes /additions to the current program or are there any ‘major heart surgery’ updates in the mix?

    Again, I’m not asking to hurry you, I lack vision.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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