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    It’s been a while since releases. From the newsletter, I’ve read that there has been a lot of trouble finding/keeping a developer while working on the re-write. From a user’s perspective, that really sucks, but I’m sure it’s much worse from the perspective of those trying to keep the lights on and the ship afloat. Having said all that, the passage of time between releases has made me less optimistic; I keep half-expecting a "we have ceased operations" email with no future Multi-edit versions, which would have frankly, been sad (at the very least open the last published version up for open source!!) In any case, I’m now actively trying to ween myself off Multiedit just in case the new re-built version never sees the light of day. Here are some alternatives that I’ve examined

    [*:fvye8p1u]Ultraedit. The biggest drawbacks for me for this product are that they don’t have a Brief compatible keyboard layout and from what I can tell, it doesn’t come close to having the window splitting capabilities of Multiedit. In Multiedit, you can split a window as many times as you’d like horizontally or vertically; Ultraedit, from what I have been able to discern, only supports a horizontal split, so my 2560×1440 monitor is not being utilized.[/*:m:fvye8p1u]
    [*:fvye8p1u]Boxer. Ironically I switched from Boxer to Multiedit back in 1995 when I was still doing OS/2 development. Multiedit *rocked* back then in comparison. Boxer does have Brief keystroke compatibility, but again is limited on the window splitting capabilities (though not as limited as Ultraedit). [/*:m:fvye8p1u]
    [*:fvye8p1u]SlickEdit. Too expensive. I would pay $199, but I’m not paying $300, not when I’m already paying a couple of grand a year on compilers and subscriptions.[/*:m:fvye8p1u]
    [*:fvye8p1u]EMacs Probably the smartest choice, going forward, but it’s damned hard to get rid of my Brief roots.[/*:m:fvye8p1u]
    [*:fvye8p1u]VI(M) see eMacs[/*:m:fvye8p1u][/list:u:fvye8p1u]

    I sure hope that ME makes this switch redundant and comes out with a new version worthy of the ME name. I will anxiously await this day, but will in the interim explore my other options. It would be foolish not to.


    I too have been exploring other options…Give Sublime a try…it has a lot of nice capabilities…


    I’m in the same boat too. Just come to the site to see if there’s any progress. Not really expecting the new release to see the light of day, which is sad for the owner/developer and loyal customers.

    Need to upgrade to Win 7 soon, but putting it off as key stroke recording doesn’t work. And, as a DOS developer from the 90’s (now PHP), Brief Emulation is the biggest requirement for me too – but it’s not looking good.


    I keep looking for a good replacement, but nothing does everything as well as multiedit. I just demoed the editors mentioned here but each is lacking some critical feature.

    The one feature that seems to be hard for vendors is
    keyboard recording.
    specifically, highlight, copy, find, paste, enter.
    Then trying to repeat that recording never seems to work. Not with any of the editors mentioned and not with others I have tried.

    I sure wish Multiedit was an option but it clearly has stopped all development and the latest version works really poorly with windows 7



    Darn it. I love Multi-Edit, but clearly there is no development happening and more and more features are not working with Windows 7. Windows 8 is probably a worse fit for Multi-Edit.

    I had to change to another Editor. I researched and had problems with the various commercial editors that I tried and currently am mostly happy with Notepad++, although it isn’t very stable, so I save a lot and live through the weekly crashes.

    Multi-Edit was the best and way ahead of it’s time with so many useful features.
    Keyboard macros
    opening 10MB files with ease
    Column moves
    Super stable and reliable.


    Clay Martin

    Just wanted to pass this along from the latest newsletter:

    Introduction from the CEO
    – Chad Williams


    Hello and welcome to our November Holiday edition of The Developer News!
    In this edition we have so much to cover so I’ll get straight to the point!

    I would like to begin with addressing the ‘downtime’ that a lot of you have seen and some have had the frustration of experiencing first hand. Due to lack of need for a commercial office location and our staff residing all across the US and abroad, we migrated MESI to my home about 8 years ago. Since then the business has continued as normal from within my home. In September we had a sewage flood which resulted in all our belongings being packed out and being displaced in a hotel for over 10 weeks. During this time the office was shut down as were our Phones, Printers, Fax and PCs. As a result we were able to operate remotely by laptops but were unable to take calls or receive faxes. This also delayed our newsletters due to systems being offline including our Sales Desk (Michele’s). If you experienced troubles reaching us during this time please know we are back up and here to assist.

    Many of you are aware, we took on a very large task with the redesign of Multi-Edit to accommodate new programming and editing needs that previously were limited due to the old Pascal kernel. This project turned out to be quite the nightmare with many challenges to overcome with nearly 250k lines of code to begin with. There were many new directions to struggle with and of course a LOT of financial investment with no returns. We have persevered despite the hardships, the challenges and the staff turn overs. We continue to push forward with one goal in sight, ‘The completion of Multi-EditX’.

    ‘What is the status of the MEX build?’ ‘Is MESI still in business?’ These are the questions on everyone’s mind these days. Many of you have been waiting a long time for answers to our product release so we’ll address that next. As we noted in our previous newsletter, the build has been slowly moving along and we are estimating that we’re at about 75% complete. We have begun testing of various Multi-Edit macros (features and functions) but have yet to work the bugs out of the remaining functionality. To date we’ve invested countless hours of development both internal and outsourced and well over $100k in development funding. We have now found ourselves struggling to complete this build as we’ve depleted our development budget and aren’t able to move forward merely on sales of Multi-Edit 2008. We therefore will be posting a funding project to seek assistance with completing this build once and for all and getting back to the meat and potatoes of providing our customers the quality product you all have become so accustomed to. I had hoped to be announcing the funding link for the project in this edition or our Developer News, but I decided to not prolong the newsletter any further and we’ll be announcing the link for this funding project at the top of 2014.

    The MESI board has voted on and approved this funding project along with the funding rewards. These rewards will consist of many fabulous items including a variety of newly branded Multi-EditX swag, product licenses, lifetime upgrades and MUCH MORE. I won’t ruin the surprise by noting all the items for you but will instead tantalize you for now and provide a brief mention that the best is yet to be announced in the funding details! Again, we’ll send out notification of the funding project once it’s live so keep your eyes peeled and become part of Multi-EditX by supporting the Best Editor for the past 30 years!

    Sadly, as with all companies over time, employees will come and go. In this edition we are announcing that Alice Williams is no longer with MESI as our Graphics Designer/Web Master. We would like to welcome today her exceptionally qualified replacement Adam Weitzell! Adam has many years of experience with web and graphics design and has created our new Multi-EditX logo which will be showcased in our new funding project. Over the coming months Adam will be assisting with rebranding of the MEX build and the MESI website to bring it up to date and provide a quality NEW look to ME and MESI. Please feel free to welcome Adam to the MESI team and contact him with any questions, suggestions or requests at! We’ve also lost a very important staff member who has operated behind the scenes of MESI for the past 8 years now. Geoff Fritz our Systems Administrator has accepted a new opportunity and has begun a new chapter in his life. Geoff has provided us so much over these past years and will be greatly missed!

    As of yet, we haven’t replaced Geoff which leaves us with an employment opportunity for those who might be interested in earning some extra cash with a ‘Work From Home’ opportunity. Please see our Employment Opportunities page for complete details.

    For this edition I’ve chosen a fun site that recently converted to editing with ME and may be of interest to many of you who enjoy trading cards, sports and collectables! Buy your slots today and watch as boxes of cards are opened live online and vie for a chance at valuable Autographs and Relic collectables! Visit our sponsor highlighted in this edition and check out Friendly Box Breaks today!

    With Thanksgiving around the corner and the infamous Black Friday/Cyber Monday quickly approaching I’ve extend our sale this year. For only one day, Multi-Edit 2008 will be available for 50% off our list pricing. This price reduction will last for ONLY Black Friday and will not be extended so be sure you set your alerts to remind yourself to order yours this Friday! Visit our order page, select your products and use promo code BlackFriday13 to save 50% off!

    Before I close, I would like to take a moment to reflect on what MY values of ME are. For years I’ve worked to maintain Multi-Edit as ‘the editor built by its users for its users’. With our users providing code for features, fixes, add-ons, new language support and more, you’ve all contributed to the build and success of Multi-Edit making it the quality editor it is today in one way or another. I’d like to maintain this direction and offer a unique opportunity to all our avid Multi-Edit experts. Aside from the Systems Administrator position, I’d like to offer a ‘sweat equity’ opportunity to those of you who consider yourself a CMac EXPERT. We’re looking for some additional assistance for Kelvin with our final debugging stages as we prepare for our funding push and ultimately moving forward with the completion of MEX. Work with the MESI development team and become a Multi Edit Software, Inc. stock holder for your efforts! Please see our Employment Opportunities page for complete details.

    Finally I would like to thank you all once again, our devoted Multi-Edit users who continue to stand by one of the best programming/text editors on the market! Keep your eyes open for our funding announcement to be sending out soon and our end of year newsletter.


    OK … I apologize if this is going to be somewhat negative …

    So, it’s about 4 months since the last newsletter.

    There has been no announcement of the "funding project", update on the new build’s progress, or any changes to the website by the new web designer.

    This forum itself is still running on a 2007 version of phpBB that doesn’t seem to work with Firefox, so I guess that a new sysadmin hasn’t been found yet.

    Given that developers always underestimate difficulties (I’ve been a professional programmer for 30 years), the "75%" complete quote is worrying after the years of development.

    May I ask if the original Delphi-based ME2008 source code still archived anywhere so that someone could go back to the last working version and update it using a recent version of Delphi? I ask because I’m sorry to say that I, for one, have no belief at this point that MEx will be a stable replacement for ME2006/ME2008 if it’s taken this long.

    ME was a working product … it’s almost always a bad idea to do a ground-up re-engineering of a working product, and definitely never a good idea to do so without keeping the old product patched up and working until the new replacement is ready.

    Delphi itself has been regularly updated over the years for Vista, Win7 and Win8, and has supported unicode since before ME2008.

    Any comments? What on earth are the new developers doing?

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