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    I just upgraded from 7.10 to 9.10. My system is XP Pro. When ME is opened, three message boxes come up in sequence. Each begins with “unable to find tools for toolbox” and then the text “HTML TOOLS”, “HTML TAGS”, “HTML TAGS 2”. What is wrong and what must I do to fix it?

    I thought this topic might be addressed in FAQ or earlier posts but did not find anything.


    Sounds like you’re missing the toolbox entries for HTML Tags, HTML Tags 2, and HTML Tools.

    I don’t recall if those entries existed in v7.10; my first use of MEW was with 7.11, with an almost immediate jump to v8.

    I’ll offer the difficult solution first, with the easier, but less functional solution at the end:

    You may be able to fix this fairly easily, but I strongly advise backing up your configuration files, first. If something gets screwed up here, MEW will probably be unusable. You’ll want to be able to put it back.

    Open <MEWDir>\Defaults\WCmdMap.db in Notepad.

    Find HTML Tags.TBX (for example) and copy it and the WCMD= lines below it until the next .TBX line (all three of these toolboxes may be in order; if so, grab ’em all at once.)

    Copy this block of lines.

    Open <MEWDir>\Config\WCmdMap.db in Notepad.

    Search for .TBX, and paste the copied block in. Make sure you don’t drop these in the middle of another toolbar.

    Start MEW, and your errors should be gone.

    Or, if you aren’t planning on using MEW for HTML editing, it may be easier to go to Tools|Customize|Toolboxes and delete the three entries that are giving you errors, and calling it a day.


    Quick question: did you install Multi-Edit 9.10 over the top of Multi-Edit 7.10? If so, that’s likely why it failed, and there may be other problems present.

    v9.10 must be installed into a new directory; if you want to keep the old directory name, simply rename your existing installation directory. You’ll be given the chance to import existing settings from any reachable copy during installation.

    If you don’t have a copy, either printed or digital, request a download link for the Installation Guide from Support[/email:1ogct9xm], and read it carefully. It’s a short read, but contains critical information.


    The copy and paste you outlined did the trick. Thanks much.

    I did not install in the same directory as the earlier version.



    The basic problem, it turns out, is that there was a major change in file formats between versions 7 and 8, in the interests of simplifying the updating of keymaps. The immediate downside, for anyone using a version prior to v8, is that the setups will not correctly import, but must be rebuilt in v8 terms. Any keymaps created since then will correctly import, unless they’re corrupt. I don’t recall exactly when v8 came on the market, but it’s been a number of years, so this isn’t an issue we see very often. In fact, I hadn’t run across it before.

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