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    Joe Carron

    When using MEW (the latest and greatest) unfortunately does not handle unicode.ANSI files automatically,

    When the problem really shows up is editing a server web.config and a web.config on a workstation.

    It is very easy to mess up your webservice and get an http error thrown back stating it does not not support UTF-8 when you try to access your webservice. You can go on a wild goose chase by the returned error stating the web.config file does support UTF-8.

    So you look at the web.config content and expect your edits to the content were incorrect but the real issue is the file was saved incorrectly with the incorrect FILE ATTRIBUTES not the embedded XML code in your config file.

    In the coarse of saving the file the actual file attributes were changed.

    I was hoping the lastes version corrected this problem and would edit the file in the format attribute the file was opened in since Delphi now supports UNICODE as stated in the other post.


    Although Delphi now support Unicode, Multi-Edit in it’s current state is still unable to handle proper handling of Unicode type files other than the basic viewing support. This will be fully addressed in our new build of Multi-Edit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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