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    Is it possible to view UNICODE text files with V9.10?

    Ernie Zapata

    Ah, thanks. So notepad is the better choice editor. :(
    I’m looking for an other editor now …


    I have been fighting this issue for some time now with .reg files, a few years ago I noticed that they had acquired binary zeroes in every other byte. It was inconvenient that MEW (I was using V8 at the time) didn’t handle them. After all Notepad does. Then I bought V9.10 in Jan 2005, I thought surely there was a way to handle .REG files but couldn’t find it.

    I am doing some work on .reg files which really needed ME’s compare capability. Still, I couldn’t find a single instance of .reg file mentioned in the forum or help files.

    In the meantime, I started doing some C## programming and found out that it’s native code set is UNICODE. I was not really too concerned because the source code is (far as I know so far) just plain old ASCII.

    When I couldn’t get answers to my reg file questions I found that .reg (& some other Microsoft text files) are UNICODE which is not supported by MEW.

    Why no one else has commented on that I wonder?, Maybe oher programmers don’t play with OS setup or maybe everybody knows this already.

    Now I have to find either an editor for UNICODE or perhaps just a converter for UNICODE to ASCII. I don’t think I need to go the other way.

    Maybe somebody has an ME macro which will conert UNICODE to ASCII, if not I am going to write one absolutely.

    I hope this post will help someone else like me who was in the dark and didn’t have any 15 year olds I could ask. But mostly I want my problem solved without buying another editor.

    Michal Vodicka

    Well, I work with .REG files sometimes and you’re right, they’re UNICODE and MEW can be hardly use to edit them. However, they’re usually simple enough and Notepad is sufficient when I need to edit them.

    As for compare, I guess Beyond Compare could be used altough never tried it for this purpose. Try trial version if you don’t have it, yet.

    When I needed massive registry compare or other work, I haven’t used .REG files but dumped parts of registry using regdump utility and updated registry using regini utility. Both of them use plain text files and are probably in MS Resource Kit or Platform SDK or maybe DDK, I don’t remember. In any case there are more tools available for registry management and most of them are better then using .REG files.


    There’s also a Unicode converter in the Windows 2K ResKit from Microsoft. Wish I could just post it for you, but the lawsuit would break me. ;) I don’t know if the XP ResKit has it, too, but I don’t think so. However, there are very few situations where Windows actually requires that those files be Unicode; I’ve frequently just converted them once and then used the ASCII versions.

    As for the difficulty involved, go have a look at the official Unicode site (you can download the full spec there, if you have a lot of hard drive space :) ). I think you’ll find it surprising. Unicode is a real can of worms to deal with.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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