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    I installed ME 2006 on a Windows Server 2008 x64 machine which wen fine. When attempting to uninstall it, I receive the message Could not open INSTALL.LOG. I’m uninstalling it while logged in under the same account used to install it so I’m not sure how to resolve the error. The log file does exist in c:\Program Files (x86)\Multi-Edit 2006 folder. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I tried to uninstall it using the domain and local Administrator accounts with the same result. I’ve modified the permissions to the install folder but no luck. Any thoughts.


    Clay Martin

    Since you have resolved the permission issue, and the file does exist, and from looking it over when you sent the problem report, the log file seems in good shape, you will need to remove Multi-Edit manually. You will need to delete the program directory, and any links to the program. Additionally you could do a search for Multi-Edit in the registry and remove those entries. Editing the registry should not actually be needed as those entries should not interfere with other programs.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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