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    I am trying to evaluate ME 2008. I downloaded the trial version and tried to use the same settings I had in 9.0e, but alas, they are gone!

    When prompted to accept just the new features and leave the old configuration as it was, I selected that option.

    I did have a setting somewhere in 9.08 that took whatever text the cursor was on as the default "Search For" string in the search dialog box. That is now gone, along with the new template Basic that I had setup for a new file extension.

    It is not there in the new version and it is no longer there in my previous installation.

    I did a full disk image before performing this upgrade so I should be able to go back to what I had that way, but is there any other easier way that would let me import these settings into the new version?


    Clay Martin

    Hi Paul,
    The bad news is that you will probably have to reinstall Multi-Edit (ME), because of the importing of settings. The import on install choice only works with versions that are very close. Because of the vast differences in the command maps from V9 to present, importing the settings into a new install from V9, usually breaks it. I would un install and reinstall.

    If you created a template in ME V9, you can just copy that template file over to your config directory (instructions on finding that are below) from the config directory under the install directory for V9, then select it in the extension setup for .lst.

    For your search issue, you need to check the box found in Tools-Customize-Search (near the bottom of the dialog) that says "Pre-load search field with string under cursor".

    To find your config directory for the new install, follow the instructions in this post:

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks Clay. That was very helpful. I didn’t realize you could set it to search for the word under the cursor from settings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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