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    Why don’t the WebLair toolbars show while I’m building an HTML or ASP page?

    Your WebLair toolbars aren’t visible for one of two reasons. First, in order for the toolbars to be displayed you must save your document with one of the web-associated file extensions, such as HTML. If you’ve already done this and they still don’t show, the most likely cause is that they’re hidden. To unhide them, display the toolbox context menu by right-clicking on one of Multi-Edit’s icon bars, then select Toolbox manager… from that menu to display the Toolboxes dialog. Then select one of the toolbars with HTML in its name from the list on that dialog, press the Edit button to display the Edit Toolbox dialog for that toolbar, and make sure the Hidden checkbox is unchecked. Repeat this for each HTML toolbar in the list, and you should see all the toolbars when editing a web file.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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