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    I see “Debug settings” in the dragdown menu in Me2008, but I do not see “Debug a macro” for CMAC support.

    Can you someone tell me how do I debug a macro?

    Thanks in advance.


    Clay Martin

    Simple debugging can be done with Make_Message to allow you to see a value during execution.

    Some other debug stuff was setup by the old developers. It was not well documented. I am not that familiar with it. You may get some incite by looking at the file in the Src directory under the install directory called TDbg.sh.




    I may not have asked this question properly. In ME for DOS, to debug a CMAC macro, you could single step through your macro. To do so, you had to compile by selecting “Debug CMAC Compile (-M Switch)”. This created a .map file instead of a .mac file under the C:\ME\MAC folder.

    In ME, you could then select “Debug a Macro” in the menu, and you could then single step through your macro, one line at a time.

    With ME2008, under the compile menu, I see the option to do a “CMacWin -M Debug Compile” – which compiles fine, and tells me that the feature exists. However, there isn’t an option to actually run the macro in debug mode. When I drag down the “Macro” section, the only options are Run, Load, and Debug Settings (the “Debug a Macro” selection is missing).

    How do I single step through my Macro once I have “Debug Compiled” it ?

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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