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    The window list does not allow horizontally scrolling to display the complete path and file name when the path is large. When the file names are all identical, this makes it impposible to determine the directory of the file I wish to switch to.

    The Text Compare feature use the same Window List which made it very difficult to be sure which file I wanted to compare to. Because of the uncertantiy, I ended up using WinDiff instead.

    For example:

    When project path is:

    P:\projects\1205 FM Spheres\Development\Firmware\Stepper\E3b\

    Scrolling right in the WIndow List only allows me to display:

    “P:\projects\1205 FM Spheres\Development\Firmware\Stepper\”

    1 – Improve horizontal scrolling
    2 – Use sizable headers for each column in the windows list.
    Something similar to what is used in the Windows File Explorer right-pane when the “View Details” option is selected. I would like the option to display all the file details as does the Windows Explorer.

    I am using MEW 9.0d.

    Thanks in advance,


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