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    Thanks, Clay.

    I’ll look forward to his response.


    I’m sitting here with a custom-cleaned-up version of the Multi-Edit icon just ready to use … together with a couple of useful enhancements to the shell extension.

    It really would be nice to hear something from Chad.

    Clay Martin

    Chad is still having some problems (lost passwords), but he asked me to pass on that you have official consent from MESI to use the icon.


    Thank you, I’ll post a new version of the shell extension with the icon embedded in a day or two.

    There are quite a few improvements, and I want to make sure that everything is completely solid before releasing it.

    Clay Martin



    The shell extension for Multi-Edit, with the icon embedded, and with a couple of small fixes, is now available.

    Anyone that is interested can find it at my project’s SourceForge page …


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