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    John Martzouco

    Dan, Chad,

    I am awaiting to hear your company’s stand on fulfilling its promises and claims on this subject.



    Our policy is to provide free updates for our products until a new version is released which is usually over a two year period. Once a new version is released, we will support users with older versions but we don’t normally make code changes to those versions. All code changes are done in updates for the currently released version.

    Multi-Edit 2006 was developed and released before Vista was available so it was never intended to work under Vista. We did provide support for it after it was released to make Multi-Edit work as well as we could at the time. We have now released a new version of Multi-Edit and in the process have improved the Vista support some by using a much newer compiler. I see no reason we should spend time making the old code compile with the newer compiler when the current code base is available. If you choose to update to Vista and the support in Multi-Edit doesn’t fit your needs you can always upgrade to the latest version and we will do our best to make it work as needed.

    We can only improve Multi-Edit if we have a revenue stream which we try to maintain by releasing paid upgrades every two years. Along with bug fixes we try to provide as many new features in our "free" updates as we can but at some point we have to move on to the next version to maintain our revenue.


    Hello guys,

    I just wanted to throw in that I used ME2006 under Vista with UAC on, and I don’t recall any issues other than the already-known macro recording problem.

    I’ve since moved up to ME2008 so I don’t have ME2006 installed anymore to do any kind of testing.

    Since I have UAC on, I about 99% don’t believe I had to run ME "as administrator" because I would have been prompted each time I launched ME, something that would have gotten old pretty quick. I think if I have been prompted to allow ME to run as admin each time I launched it I would remember. (But I’m not 100% sure, I could be mistaken)

    I use Vista Business. If there is anything any I can do to try to help, I’ll see what I can swing.


    John Martzouco

    So I’ve been sitting on the very little that I could learn by reading the Mercurial and Bazaar documentation waiting on a real-life scenario that would motivate me to give this a try.

    I’ve been using CVS with the WinCVS front-end for the past decade and am super comfortable with it. Let’s take that as a starting point.

    The Hg docs only talk about command-line access to the functionality, has anyone developed a world-class GUI for Hg yet? Let’s not talk about Tortoise, I don’t want anything integrated to my file manager… I want a stand-alone interface like WinCVS.

    Next thing, is there any way to set this up so that the files in the repositories are saved off-machine? One of the reasons that I use CVS is to keep backup copies of all my work on a network drive that is always backed up by MIS. I am not allowed to to use a network drive as my main storage vessel. How can I address this challenge?



    The problem was masked on our development machines because the video card driver handles remapping the windows to the proper display.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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