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    For anyone that’s not reading the "Windows 7 x64 "Edit with Multi-Edit" does not work" thread …

    There is now a new shell extension for Multi-Edit that adds "Edit with Multi-Edit" to Windows Vista/7/8 both 32 and 64 bit, including a nice Multi-Edit icon.

    You can find it at my project’s SourceForge page …


    To fix the situation – I have a shortcut in my Send To folder to Mew32



    That is certainly one perfectly valid option …

    a) If you want to always have to go down into the "Send To" submenu.
    b) If you don’t care about the multi-session support.

    When I don’t have my shell extension installed on a system, I also use the "Send To" submenu instead.

    But it’s nowhere near as convenient or capable.

    For instance … I’m currently editing a large project and have different groups of files open in different sessions on different monitors.

    Maybe I’m the only person that ever does this … but it’s SO much more convenient with my shell extension than without.

    But those are only my personal requirements … YMMV. :D


    I have my Win7-x64 right click menu set up so two versions of MEW (2008 and 9.10) show up in their own (for both) section of the menu. The item is such as "Open in MEW 2008".

    I don’t remember how I set that up, but it was in tinkering around with Windows, probably in the registry.

    This is a great time saver. Right click, and click to load.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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