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    I’m not familar with JauntePE. It looks like something that "attempts to convert conventional applications into portable applications".

    There is a portable version of Multi-Edit: Mobile Multi-Edit (moME) if that’s what you want. It comes on a USB memory stick.

    And there’s an attempt to port Multi-Edit to Linux using CodeWeaver’s CrossOver. The trick was to get rid of tabbed dialogs, so I removed them, split them into separate dialogs. That would be here:

    EDX 4.36 LNX 3.00Alpha Smooth Scroll, Scroll Margins, Linux!

    Linux is just an option, usually not used (unless you’re on Linux! :D ).

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    If you are referring to aligncommas02.s I updated it so it will compile on version 11 of Multi-Edit and saved it as aligncommas03.s attached below.

    Or are you referring to an attempt to compile EDX, in which case what version of EDX are you attempting to compile?


    The EDX editor add-on has an "Align Delimited Data" option including options for aligning tab delimited data and comma delimited data.

    EDX editor add-on:
    EDX. Smooth Scroll, Scroll Margins, much more!

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    What version of Multi-Edit do you have?

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    When you say "crash" do you get a message like below? :

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    That "Who Lock Me?" program I think only works on Windows XP. I recall it doesn’t work on Windows Vista. I don’t have a Windows 7 computer yet.

    I think Process Explorer can tell us who has a handle on the file. Get the free Process Explorer program. There do FIND -> HANDLE OR DLL…

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    All 3000 errors are errors returned by Windows API which have 3000 added to them. Thus a 3032 error is the error 32 which is ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

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    This doesn’t do what I thought. It just does Tags which we already do.

    I was looking for real time parsing of the code identifying all the variables, so a programmer could say, "Show me all places where variable ‘i’ is used."

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    Adding Language Support. 1: Syntax Highlighting

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    There are two workarounds I know of:

      [*:21hvvfah]AutoHotkey[/*:m:21hvvfah][*:21hvvfah]Write a CMac macro that does what you want[/*:m:21hvvfah][/list:o:21hvvfah]
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    Insert_Mode integer variable
    If this flag is TRUE (1), the editor is in insert mode. Otherwise, it is in overwrite mode. Note that assigning a value to this flag will update the Insert/Overwrite display and change the cursor shape.

    [code:kvreoynv]void test()
    int save_insert;
    save_insert = Insert_Mode; //Save current insert/overstrike mode
    Insert_Mode = TRUE;
    Rm( "CR" );
    Insert_Mode = save_insert;

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    See this series of posts:

    Introduction to CMAC. 1: Hello World
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    Adding Language Support. 1: Syntax Highlighting
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    Adding Language Support 1.1: AWK (example)
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    Adding Language Support 2. Language Specific Macros
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    Adding Language Support 2.1: AWK init macro (example)
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    Adding Language Support 4.2: Auto Construct Matching
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    could you post your TestData.s file? (or email it to me if you don’t want to post it?)

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    (I’ll have to track this down further, but here’s what I’ve found so far:)
    The code is in file MeSys.s macro DateTime:
    [code:3mukjr1u] str Time_Str[ 10 ] = Str_Del( Time, 6, 3 );
    str STime[ 2 ];

    GetLocaleInfoA( LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, LOCALE_STIME, sTime, 2 );
    if ( XPos( STime, Time_Str, 1 ) == 2 ) {
    Time_Str = Str_Del( Time, 5, 3 );

    Time string function
    RETURNS: A string containing the current time according to the system clock. The USA format is: hh:mm:ss am (or pm)

    GetLocaleInfoA is the ANSI (not-Unicode) version of Microsoft’s GetLocaleInfo documented at:

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library … 85%29.aspx

    LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT – The default locale for the user or process.
    LOCALE_STIME – Character(s) for the time separator.

    …so all this GetLocaleInfo stuff is just to get the time separator character. It appears the details of the Multi-Edit internal time function is what I need to find out more about.

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    Hi Charles,
    Here’s one way of getting input from the user. Try this test program:[code:23j5y6j3]#include Dialog.sh

    str GetInput( str PromptTitle, str WindowTitle )
    int Dlg;
    int Result;
    str TStr = "";

    DlgCreate( Dlg );

    DlgAddCtrl( Dlg, dlg_Static, PromptTitle,
    1, 1,
    0, 2,
    101, 0, "" );

    TStr = "";
    DlgAddCtrl( Dlg, dlg_Text, TStr,
    dlg_PosOffset + 16,
    Dlg_PosOffset, 60, 0,
    100, 0, "ML=254" );

    DlgAddCtrl( Dlg, dlg_PushButton, "Ok",
    55, dlg_PosOffset + 2,
    dlg_StanBtnWidth, 0,
    110, dlgf_DefButton, "/R=1" );

    DlgAddCtrl( Dlg, dlg_PushButton, "Cancel",
    dlg_PosOffset | dlg_StanBtnWidth + 1, dlg_PosOffset,
    dlg_StanBtnWidth, 0,
    111, 0, "/R=0" );

    Result = DlgExecute( Dlg, 100, WindowTitle, "", "", 0 );

    TStr = DlgGetStr( Dlg, 100 ); //Get string user entered
    DlgKill( Dlg );

    if ( !Result ) { // if user pressed ‘Cancel’

    // trim any leading whitespace
    int str_index = 1;
    while (xpos(str_char(TStr, str_index), " \t", 1)) {
    if (str_index > 1) {
    TStr = copy(TStr, str_index, max_line_length);


    void test()
    str s;

    s = GetInput( "MyPromptTitle", "MyWindowTitle" );

    Compile and run ‘test’.

    Another way that has been toyed with over the years is to use the status message area at the bottom of the window as a place to prompt for and get input, if you don’t like having a pop-up dialog. If I come across an example I’ll post it.

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