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    Any patches for ME 9.10.04?

    I’m getting these errors periodically. ME will work fine for a while, then these errors pop up again:

    “the instruction at “0x4000571a” referenced memory at “0x00b48d78”. The memory could not be “read”. Click on OK to terminate the program.

    When I click OK, I get these:

    “runtime error 216 at 4000572a”

    Click OK again then I get another error like above with “reference memory” with address 0x4000572a”

    Click OK to this dialog and I another runtime 216 error with address as 0x4000572a.

    I then get another “referenced memory” error with 0x40006834 address

    Another 216 error with address 0x40006834.

    Another “referenced memory” error with address 0x400e63e6.

    Another 216 error with address 0x400e63e6.


    I get these errors too. It only happens to me when I open a file in Windows explorer. If I double click a file that is associated to open in ME, the file will open but then the error dialogue windows pop up. I get the first Mew32.exe Application Error, click OK, then the Runtime error pops up. I end up getting 8 of these messages in total.

    It only happens occasionally. Not every time I open a file via Windows explorer (maybe 33% of the time).

    in reply to: Running user defined macros automatically… #5964

    Thanks for the suggestion Brent. I wasn’t able to get that method working but it gave me an idea so I played around some more and I was able to come up with a solution.

    I created a compiler type for SAS in the Compiler/Program Setup so I could use a function from Compile.s. Then I added a call to the CompileBtnEx function at the top of my macro.

    Now I just need to call the macro and it automatically compiles my program and then loads (or refreshes) my output files.

    in reply to: Running user created macros automatically… #5954

    I forgot to mention, I use command line to execute SAS.

    My hot key is mapped to “Command Line”:

    “c:\path\sas.exe” -sysin “<FILE>”

    I assume this could be worked into the macro somehow but I’d have to add code to the macro that would wait for the execution to finish prior to checking for the updated output files.

    in reply to: Missing CMac comiler exe #5923

    Not a problem. I’ll look into the full version. Thanks checking on it for me.

    in reply to: Missing CMac comiler exe #5920

    As I understood correctly, the Lite for SAS version includes the compiler but not the source code. There were only 3 check boxes presented at install:

    Program Files – All files necessary to run Multi-Edit Lite, including EXE, DLL and macro binaries

    Program Help – Help files for Multi-Edit Lite

    EZR Tools – SAS support macros

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)