Getting The Most Out of ME

I hope you are enjoying the spring weather. I have a great announcement and I have put together some hints and tips based on recent support tickets. I hope you find some of these useful.

Online Tutorials are Available

We have setup a YouTube channel for tutorials and other interesting video. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to learn more about Multi-Edit™ and get notified of additions. We have one tutorial out there and will be adding more. Our first tutorial describes how to use Projects tied to Sessions to make jumping between different jobs easier. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial, please email it to with the subject “Tutorial”. Follow this link to see what’s out there:


New install or reinstall

Seems a lot of folks are having to move to a new system. Maybe a planned upgrade or catastrophe has forced your hand. This has led to a few issues. Some have the install media, but have lost their serial number or release code (SN/RC). You can email our sales department, provide your name (or the name that would identify the product’s registration) and they can provide those codes to you. Email your request to Michele at Another issue has come up with reinstalls is again with the SN/RC. In this case it is cutting and pasting the SN/RC from an email. Be careful selecting the values so that you don’t accidentally collect a blank character or end of line character when you do the copy. If you get a SN/RC does not match message, try selecting again. Sometimes selecting from the end of the code toward the start will help. Worst come to worst, you may have to type the codes into the input box. If you still are having problems, contact Sales to help resolve this type of problem.


Multiple Monitors

Seems more and more programmers are using multiple monitors. This can cause a problem when you move back to a single monitor. The problem exists because Multi-Edit™ (ME™) stores the screen location of various dialogs, like search. When the search dialog has been moved to the second monitor, then you go back to one monitor, ME™’s remembered position of the dialog is off the first screen. So it appears that when you do a search, the search dialog does not appear (this is not only the search dialog, others can be effected also, the fix works for all dialogs). The fix is fairly simple, you will need to reset the dialog positions. To reset the dialog position, go to Macro-Run and enter


then press Ok.


Multi-Edit is as flexible as ever

Another issue that came across my desk reinforces how flexible Multi-Edit™ is. A customer was using a language called Perl, specifically the block comments (start with ‘=head’ and end with ‘=cut’ — these are the most common starting codes for Perl POD documentation). He noticed that the indent routine defined in the Language setup used the indent routine for the C language. He found that every time he hit ENTER in a comment block it was leaving the cursor one space to the right of the left edge, rather than at the left edge. Now for C style commenting this works to make nice comments, not so much for Perl.

So he looked in the C.s CMac file and located the point in Cindent that was causing the problem. By changing one line:

if ( In_Comment == 1 ) {


if ( (In_Comment == 1) && (LangPrefix != 'Perl') ) {

The code now does the correct indenting for C and Perl. This just goes to show what a great programmer‘s editor Multi-Edit™ is. Even as times and languages and practices change, a programmer can customize Multi-Edit™ to suit his needs. While this fix did require recompiling one of the source files that comes with ME™, there are plenty of other ways to customize the operation of the editor. Templates are even easier to add or modify, you can add or modify menus and tool bars, and even change or create new code coloring schemes.

One thought on “Getting The Most Out of ME

  1. Please revive this editor! Until 1999 I shelled out to DOS to use Brief because it was the only decent editor I could find, until I found Multi-Edit. This is by far the best text editor I’ve ever used for the Windows programming environment. It has templates, language support for every language I use and an easy-to-use programmable macro language. I’ve used this editor exclusively for my last 8 years as a Perl and PL/SQL programmer and it’s indispensable. I would recommend it to anyone. Please don’t let this product die. In fact, I’d love to see a version for Linux!

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