ME2008 Features

Multi-Edit 2008 aka ME2k8



Solutions at the Speed of Thought

Multi-Edit 2008 (ME2k8) implements solutions as fast as you can think them. It is a powerful IDE, with its speed, depth, uncompromising access, and support for over 50 languages. Think it, build it, keep it in line. A top tier program editor, ME provides a single environment in which you can control all your VCS programs and compilers, and at the same time integrate with your existing RAD environment. Never cut-and-paste your code between editors again. Have access to language reference guides as close as your right mouse button. With the addition of BCDiffer, by Scooter Software, ME received a boost to its file compare utility. ME also includes the Evolve XBase AddOn and Polystyle code formatter. ME‘s enhanced search function includes Perl 5 and UNIX Regular Expression support and new definable Search Filters. ME has one of the most configurable and fastest search and replace engines. Search across multiple files, folders, directories, and drives. Define the perfect parameter with regular expression support. Find text as you type incrementally. Once your text is found, its highlighted throughout the entire file. File Sync Integration for: Delphi 6, 7, 2005, C++Builder 6, BDS 2006 and RadStudio 2007, VB 6, VC 6, VS 2003 & VS 2005. Seamless integration with TopStyle, CSE Validator, HTML Tidy, Beyond Compare, and more. ME supports large DOS/Windows, UNIX, binary and Macintosh files. With ME2k8 your keyboard mappings and menus are fully customizable. Change fonts, colors, screen layout, and toolbar’s, from one easy interface. Most dialogs are also resizable. ME enlists a bookmark feature to help ease the transition between editing positions in a file. Jump back and forth between different positions effortlessly with the Bookmark feature. Collapse code that you do not need to review, to further speed up your file browsing. Collapse tags and functions (This feature is dependent on the programming language, see our complete feature listing for more details). Start programming better and faster today with ME2k8.

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Multi-Edit 2008 Features
  • Visual tabs and spaces
  • Edit up to 2048 files at a time
  • Tip of the day dialog providing Multi-Edit usage tips and tricks
  • Revert to saved file option
  • XP style dialogs
  • File lists with filter support
  • Define, Call and Paste from an extended ‘Paste Buffer’ dialog
  • Create up to 99 User definable named bookmarks
  • Code beautifying with Polystyle:
    • Includes support for Actionscript, ASP, C/C++, C#, CMAC, CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, JSP, PHP, Pascal/Delphi, Perl, Python & Visual Basic
  • Enhanced XBase support with Evolve for Windows
  • Direct integration with several common compilers. VCS systems, and IDEs
    • Borland Developer Studio 2006 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to name of few
  • Try out file comparing at its finest with the inclusion of BCDiffer by Scooter Software
  • Support for PC, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh line terminators, even within a single file
  • Resizable, Roving, and Floatable – Dialogs and Tool Bars
  • Telnet and FTP support
  • External program integration
  • “On-the-fly” text template expansion
  • 100,000 word spell checker
  • Syntax highlighting and color code printing
  • Columnar fill and editing with math functions
  • Customizable key mapping
  • Project support
  • HTML Toolbar
  • Support for over 50 languages out of the box
  • Three Regular Expression options including Perl 5.8
  • Up to 99 User definable named bookmarks
  • Incredibly Fast, Search-Replace, File Find-Replace, and Hilite Dialog
    • Query across single or multiple files and even directories and drives
    • Use, Classic, Unix or Perl 5 Regular Expressions to define your search!
    • Utilize ME’s Regular Expression Help for quick thank you can think it setups
  • Line/Box drawing support
  • Line length limitation of 16k
  • Multiple file selection
  • Numerous editing fonts available
  • ASCII Table
  • Scientific calculator
  • Built in Notebook
  • CMac source and compiler included
  • Session Manager
  • Block Operations
  • Line, block and column marking, with a simple right-click
  • Marker stacks and Random Access Marks
    • Access where you want as you need it
  • Find lists
  • VCS support
  • File tagging
  • 9 User selectable Command Maps
    • UltraEdit, EMACS & Windows (MS standard) to name a few…
  • Support for NT, XP and Vista environments
  • Support for over 50 programming language
  • Import/Export of templates, command maps and other features
  • User definable search filters for more refined searching
  • Code beautifying Support for:
    • ASP, C/C++, C#, CMAC, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, Pascal/Delphi, Perl and Python
  • Definable search filters now provide more refined search options
  • Supports use of multiple monitor environments
  • Easily display Tabs, Spaces & Virtual Spaces
  • Direct integration with several of the most common compilers:
    • VCS systems, and IDEs such as Borland Developer Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 integration
  • Preview your image files within Multi-Edit by calling the appropriate helper apps
  • 24bit color bitmap support has been added and toolbar buttons have been updated to reflect 24bit color bitmaps
  • Complete Ruby language support has been added along with support for XML-style standalone tag termination
  • Maximum number of editing windows has been increased to 2048
  • Multi-Edit‘s default compare engine has now been changed to use a licensed version of Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare Differ engine
  • New and improved Importing and Exporting functionality for easy sharing of languages, templates, macros and more between coworkers or working environments
  • New CMac documentation updates including additional chapters and CMac tutorials provided within the CMac Help file
  • Virtual space has been changed from the 0xFF to the 0x01 character which now resolves any Russian char issues
  • TipWin support for C, C++, CMac and Delphi languages
    • New tooltip windows used for displaying function definition
    • Support added to handle Multi-Line Popups
    • Added ability to highlight the current parameter in the popup
    • Pop-ups are now configurable and have the ability to use different color schemes
  • ME has function template expansion for C, C++ and CMac languages
    • This feature allows automatically expanding function parameters as a template when open parameter parenthesis is written. Currently configured via TipWin configuration dialog (TipWin^TipWinGlobalConfig)
  • Extensible support for fifty-one languages, with more being added
    • Currently C/C++, CMAC and Delphi/Pascal are supported. MeTags, BSC and CMAC kernel function list are used as info source and it is possible to add new ones via hooks
  • Support for PC, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh line terminators, even within a single file
    • Changed processing of line ending characters to better support editing DOS (CrLf), UNIX (Lf) and Mac (Cr) formatted files. Files with multiple line ending characters will be correctly handled
  • Resizable dialogs
  • Native integration with Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare
    • A file and directory compare/merge utility
  • The Evolve Add-on integrated into every copy, completely free!
    • Click here for a separate listing of the Evolve Add-On Features
  • Integration with the Trita source-code formatter
    • A full and completely free release copy included, as well as integration with most other third-party source formatters!
  • Updated Project and Session Manager Dialogs
    • Work the way you prefer with related groups of files and other resources
  • Direct integration with several of the most common compilers, VCS systems, and IDEs
  • Native macro language with a simplified C-like syntax
    • Add any functionality, from quick hacks to major functional packages. Best of all, you get the full macro source for free!
  • New File, Template, and Window Panes
  • Telnet support rebuilt from the ground up to handle modern developments in remote compiling
  • Improved Telnet and FTP capabilities
    • It’s even easier now to work effectively with offsite resources such as remote source bases and compilers
  • External program integration
    • Integrate with virtually anything out there that runs on the target platform, and some others, as well
  • Program design and feature list that reflects, as always, our users’ requests and requirements
  • “On-the-fly” text template expansion
    • Very user friendly, and trivial to extend or modify
  • Completely extensible architecture
    • Add or modify behaviors, change the interface to have the key mappings, menus, and dialogs you prefer, and even add support for languages we haven’t gotten to yet
  • More bug fixes, enhancements and implemented user requests for Multi-Edit 2008 can be found in the readme.txt file included with your installation


Multi-Edit 2008:
System Requirements
  • 30 MB of available drive space
  • 256 MB RAM recommended 128 MB minimal
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista


Multi-Edit 2008 is developed and designed specifically for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Multi-Edit 2008 installed on prior versions of Windows may not operate properly and will not be supported by MESI.

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