MeLS2008 Features

Welcome to the power of a great IDE built for SAS® Programming



What is MeLS 2008?

Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® 2008 is a collection of edit macros, templates, and other tools that allow Multi-Edit™ Lite to become a “SAS® IDE”. If you have worked mainframes, UNIX and PC boxes, you’ve seen a lot of editors. Most IDE’s have pages of checkboxes to select optional behaviors, but don’t allow you to make your own tools that operate within the edit environment. Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® 2008 does! Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® 2008 has the customization level beyond what you get from the ISPF or Unix shell environment. This includes being able to create your own menus, tool bars, etc. With our tools you can increase your productivity. With a copy of the SAS/PC you can develop, test, and fix at PC speeds, all locally.

Both ISPF Edit and VI have features that many programmers often overlook (mask and line exclusion in ISPF, abbreviations and find-and-print in VI as examples). These features or their functional equivalents are available in Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® 2008. The tools that come with MeLS 2008 create short-learning-curve access to these powers in ways specialized for the SAS® language.

SAS® editors needs to be flexible, conform to you, not the other way around. Although the grouping of the products features may seem artificial, most tools can be accessed in a variety of ways. For instance you can comment block a selected group of text by selecting a menu item, pressing a tool bar button, or typing a template keyword (with persistent blocks on). Please review all of the features to fully appreciate the power and plasticity of our product.

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Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® 2008 Features
  • Nearly all dialogs, menus, toolbars and files can now be accessed via keyboard navigation
  • UltraEdit, EMACS & Windows (MS standard) Command Maps included
  • Collapse Mode
    • allows you to view and edit a file in an outline-style format. Users can choose only to view lines that start at columns less-than-or-equal-to 8, or perhaps you only want to see lines that contain the word “ERROR.”
  • Definable Search Filters, Unparallelled Abilities
    • Extreme file search capability with the usage of Perl Regular Expressions
    • Search across 100’s of files, search and replace or file search and replace in no time at all
    • Perform simple literal text searches to advanced search and replace strings with use of three Regular Expression types
    • No other editor can compare with the flexibility and power
  • Template Expansion
    • Easily and consistently write repetitive tasks in your code that would otherwise bog you down with extra keystrokes
    • Templates are completely editable and are not limited specifically to code items
    • Set up a template for virtually anything:
      • comment header
      • form letter
      • many more possibilities
  • Compiler Support
    • support any compiler
    • includes support for some of the industry’s most commonly used compilers
    • add your own compiler support with ease
  • Multiple Cursor Highlighting Formats
  • Source files can be scanned and a list of functions can be tagged and later used to quickly navigate through the scanned files
  • Use the Command Map You Prefer
  • Import or Export your configuration between work stations and colleagues
  • Enhanced HTML Support
  • Line Numbering
  • Built in ASCII table
  • Hex Mode
  • Fully functional scientific calculator
  • Multiple Monitor Environment
  • Visual Tabs and Spaces
  • Complete Ruby language support
  • Maximum number of editing windows has been increased to 2048
  • Tip of the Day
  • Revert to Saved file menu option
  • File Lists with Filter Support
  • Intelligent Language Support features like:
    • Smart Indenting, code templates, brace/construct matching and auto-commenting, as you type
    • Language sensitive code highlighting, for any language
    • Function tagging. ” Supports ASP, Ada, Aspect, BASIC, VB, Batch, CSS, PERL, Java, Javascript, FORTRAN, Delphi, and many others. You can also add your OWN LANGUAGE support
    • Enhanced HTML support
    • Tag highlighting
  • Extensible support for over fifty languages
  • Change fonts, colors, screen layout and even toolbars, all from one easy interface
  • All dialogs are resizable
  • concurrently edit up to 255 DOS, UNIX, and Binary files of any size with line lengths of up to 16k
  • Multiple clipboards
  • Mark and return to any position in your file quickly, simply
  • Collapse code that you don’t need to view, further speeding up your browsing
  • “On-the-Fly” text template expansion makes every coding effort almost effortless
  • Manipulate large sections of text with extensive block operations
  • More bug fixes, enhancements and implemented user requests for Multi-Edit Lite can be found in the readme.txt file included with your installation


Multi-Edit Lite for SAS® 2008:
System Requirements
  • 30 MB of available drive space
  • 256 MB RAM recommended 128 MB minimal
  • Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Disk space requirements are approximately 11 MB (assuming you install everything)
  • Intellimouse support requires that you have the Microsoft Intellimouse


Editor FEATURES useful to SAS® Programmers
  • Editor features including syntax highlighting, indention, and fast commenting
  • Programmers can expand a few keystrokes into SAS® language constructs and more
  • SAS® integration and debugging tools
  • Smart code creates SAS® steps using dialogs
  • Hide lines of code from view
  • Automatic Indention and Un-indention of source as you type
  • Color coding of SAS® source and logs
  • Templates for SAS® PROCs and DATA steps, functions and code elements
  • Smart Templates allow you to select checkboxes to include options and statements for the complex PROCs
  • Run SAS® programs from within the editor and view the source, log and output while still editing
  • Move Error messages to immediately after the line that generated the error even if there are multiple occurrences of the errors
  • Templates for SAS® PROCs and DATA steps, functions and code elements
  • Collapse repeated messages into one line and remove extraneous blank lines
  • Subset your view of the log to show only: Warnings, Notes, Errors, Debug statements, code, observations or other items of interest
  • Hop to source line from the corresponding line in the log
  • Automatic Indention and Un-indention of source as you type
  • Select a block of code and comment it out without interference from encapsulated comments. Select it again and un-comment it with one click
  • Automatic “end” statement commenting to match them to the corresponding control structure
  • Type text then click to wrap in 1 to 3 asterisks to make automatically aligned block comments
  • Easy to use template for prolog comment block including Company name and copyright, author name, date, and more
  • Easy insertion and removal of debug statements
  • Generate base layout for any SAS® function call through a cascading menu system
  • Highlight a string and click a button to search forward, backward or globally for the string

Multi-Edit Lite 2008 for SAS® is developed and designed for Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows NT & Windows XP, any prior versions of Windows which Multi-Edit Lite 2008 for SAS® might be installed on may not operate properly and will not be supported by MESI.

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