mobileME 2008 Features

Multi-Edit 2008 ships on a USB…Introducing…mobileME



Powerful Programming in a Portable Environment

mobileME provides an innovative approach to Portable Programming. It allows maximum productivity and privacy on any system where you require an editor, need to use powerful search capabilities and/or custom macros. mobileME comes equipped with Multi-Edit 2008 on a KingstonĀ® 128MB USB Flash drive. Simply plug it in and away you go. When you’ve completed using mobileME, unplug the flash drive and all trace of mobileME on the system is gone. No more need for multiple installations, worries of others using your license or trying to find an editor on the fly. mobileME IS Powerful Programming with complete portability!


mobileME is IDEAL
for contractors, systems admins, field programmers, consultants, students and more!


When started, mobileME will backup the Windows registry keys that Multi-Edit will use if they exist to a backup directory on the flash drive. It will then set up the correct registry keys that were saved to the flash drive from a previous run or to default values. When mobileME is shut down, the current registry keys are saved to the flash drive and then removed from the registry at which time the backed up keys are restored, leaving no trace within Windows that mobileME was ever run on the workstation.


Install Once

With mobileME you now have the ability to take Multi-Edit with you from machine to machine and you don’t have to install a copy at each workstation. Work from home, the office, anywhere you have a workstation with one copy of Multi-Edit 2008. Keep using all the great features and enjoy a product with FREE in house support and a vibrant online forum. Multi-Edit 2008 isn’t just a great IDE, it’s a solution to what you and your profession demands.

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What it is

mobileME is a full and complete version of the Multi-Edit 2008 IDE on a KingstonĀ® 128MB USB drive, that does not require any kind of formal installation onto a computer’s permanent storage device to be executed, enabling it to be used on multiple WINDOWS supported computers. This does not mean that it can be taken and used on a different operating system, processing platform, or another computer with completely different hardware (i.e., those that are not compatible with the software as stated by the requirements listed below), so it is not to be confused with the concept of software portability, which is the ability of software to be run or compiled with little modification on diverse computing platforms. Ideally mobileME, is configured to read its configuration from the same location as the software.


The Advantages
    Run Multi-Edit anywhere without having to install everywhere.
    Never leave traces of Multi-Edit behind after being run via mobileME.
    Always have the full version of Multi-Edit 2008 at your command and in your pocket.


System Requirements
  • 256 MB RAM recommended 128 MB minimal
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP


Multi-Edit 2008 is developed and designed specifically for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Multi-Edit 2008 installed on prior versions of Windows may not operate properly and will not be supported by MESI.

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