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Have you found the need to move your copy of Multi-Edit (ME) to a new computer? If you have the latest versions of ME 2006 or ME 2008, you will have no problems with Win 7. ME 2008 seems to work well on Win 8. But what about all your customizations? Well ME has a built-in system to allow you to move your settings to the new install. Keep in mind that this only works reliably if both installations are the same ME version.

First step is to get the settings from your old computer. Go to Tools-Customize-Import/Export. Import/Export allows you to transfer Color Schemes, Command entries, Compiler Entries, Compiler Types, File Extensions, Languages, Menus, Templates, Toolboxes and Auto Export an Extension.

About the Dialog

Type: This field is used to select the “Type” of settings to be exported. The field below will remain in a grayed out state until Compiler Program or Templates are selected. When one of these choices are selected, the drop down below Type will be available to select the proper Extension or Language to be exported.

Filespec: This field is used to select the name of the Multi-Edit ‘export’ file (*.mcx) and where it will be stored.

Start by selecting the location of the file we will use in the Filespec field. Then select the first Type of setting we will work with, let’s say Colors. Pick Color out of the Type selector. Below will be displayed all the color maps for your installation. Select the ones that you have customized, you can select multiple entries by using the Cntl or Shift key with the mouse button. Then press the button with the right pointing arrow. The items you have selected will show up in the tree (Export File) to the right.

You can now move on to the next type of customization you want exported. There is no need to export items that have not been changed from the factory defaults. If we had some templates we want exported, first select the Type selection for Templates. The lower box will list the template groups (languages). Select the one you are interested in (Like CMac). In the box below will be listed each template in the CMac template set. Again you don’t need to select the templates that ship for that language, just the ones you have added or modified. When you are done selecting, just press the right arrow button again.

When you have added all the customizations you wanted to the export file, press the Export Button. You can now copy that file to a USB chip or whatever method you will use to get the file to the new computer. Then on the new installation of ME, open the Tools-Customize-Import/Export dialog. Use the Filespec control to locate the file you exported. In the right pane select Export File, and press the Import Button. You are all done and can enjoy your old customizations on your new machine.

Please note

There are a few points to be aware of: Entries with trailing spaces in the name field will not show up in the list of items available for export. Once an export file has been imported, some manual cleanup may be necessary due to the way MEW handles WCMDs. If a script tries to create a WCMD that already exists, a new WCMD number will be assigned. Any menu item or toolbox button that references the old WCMD number will be tied to the wrong command. Any changed WCMDs can be identified in the .LOG, which can be found in ME’s \Config directory. The following Forum Post can help you locate the directory.

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  1. I still do Clipper programming and use the Evolve add-on. Does this work with the 2008 version as it does with the 2006 version?

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