Multi-Edit Lite for SAS vs Multi-Edit & EZRTools


  • All SAS® related components and tools*- Editor features including syntax highlighting, indention, and fast commenting

    - Programmers can expand a few keystrokes into SAS® language constructs and more

    - SAS® integration and debugging tools

    - Smart code creates SAS® steps using dialogs
  • Syntax Highlighting and Color Coded Printing in multiple languages
  • Regular Expression Searches*- Fully supported Unix Style Expressions

    - Fully supported Perl 5 Regular Expression

    - Search/Replace across a file, folders and within projects
  • Edit 255 concurrent files of any size with line lengths up to 16k
  • Native Beyond Compare Integration
  • Microsoft & Borland Integration
  • Support for .NET, BSC, and TopStyle
  • Native Evolve Integration
  • Template Support*- Unlimited Template Expansions for most languages

    - Creation and customization of your own templates
  • Programmer's Tools*- ASCII Table with the ability to insert characters into the code window

    - Line/Box drawing allows you to draw any line in any shape

    - Hexidecimal editor allows complete HEX editing

    - Code folding/collapsing, along with 'collapse' on tags
  • Spell Checker
  • Ability to work with Columnar Blocks of Data
  • Built-in Telnet Compile capabilities and FTP
  • Bookmarks*- Set/Remove Bookmarks/Move to Previous/Next Bookmark

    - Goto a Specific Bookmark Randomly
  • HTML Tools*- Automatically generate an index from Name anchors in a specified html document filled, directory tree

    - Browser Manager allows one click update throughout several browser windows

    - Markup Language tagging

    - popular function HTML toolbar
  • Multi-Edit's powerful CMAC extension language lets you extend its features and power to your special needs*- Familiar C-like syntax

    - Supports structures, arrays, integers, long strings and real numbers

    - Powerful text processing functions

    - Call any DLL function including the entire Win32 API

    - Build complex dialog boxes

    - Subclass windows

    - Source code for the built-in macros included

    - CMac compiler included
  • Reconfigure the keyboard mapping, menus, toolbars, colors, fonts, screen layout, editing options, language configurations, and keystroke macros.
  • Macro Source and Macro Compiler, the ability to create, edit and compile macros
  • Import and Export Functionality
  • TipWin support for C, C++, CMac and Delphi languages*- New tooltip windows used for displaying function definition

    - Support added to handle Multi-Line Popups

    - Added ability to highlight the current parameter in the popup

    - Pop ups are now configurable and have the ability to use different color schemes
  • Favorites, Template, File and Window Pane
  • Support for Project Management
  • Version Control System

Multi-Edit Lite 2008
for SAS®

MElite for SAS 2008

& EZR Tools;)