Spam Filters

Something to mention – SPAM FILTERS!!! We all hate those, it’s no lie! Do you you feel you are not receiving our communications?

If so, please be sure to check your SPAM folders & your SPAM filters. We do our best to reach out through other means when emails are returned “undeliverable” but we also want to rest assured you are receiving ALL of our expected communications. Especially your product details, as well as our company newsletters, & updates on our newest campaign if you have elected to receive such communications. If you use Gmail you can also read our article on Placing Emails in Primary Tab in Gmail.

If you have any questions at all-
What version do I have or need?
What are your current prices?
How to order?
What if I lost my installation information?
I need to update my contact info?

Please feel free to reach out to me & I can help you at For more technical questions our support team can be reached at

Don’t forget to use your discount so you will be eligible for the upgrade rate once our newest, most anticipated version of ME is released! And speaking of money saved, why not take that extra you were going to spend anyways & put it towards our MEx campaign to help fund the completion of your favorite editor, helping to make it what you want!

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our team!

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