Welcome to our newly redesigned site. Please take a look around and check back here for helpful articles about using MultiEdit products!

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    • Hello Dan!

      Our Multi-Edit Support Forums are gone for the moment but we are working to restore them (or the database tables) in the near future. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to complete our new site updates.

      Chad Williams
      President / CEO
      Multi Edit Software, Inc.

    • Dave,

      We are about to begin our crowd funding push in the coming weeks and once funded we will begin development immediately and plan to release later this year. There is no solid ETA at this time but I do expect release this year.

      Chad Williams

  1. I use Multi-Edit Lite 2008 (Ver 11.04) on Windows 7 64-bit. I was wondering whether any updates are available for download? The update wizard fails to find the requested web page.

    • All builds of Multi-Edit 2008 should be at version 11.04. If you need to obtain any replacement installers, you can always reach out direct to Michele Hegwood (sales@multieditsoftware.com) or you can simply request an evaluation version of the product you are needing to update. Be sure to have your license codes ready for the installation and if needed, reach out to Michele for license needs.

      Chad Williams

    • Alec,

      Thanks for the compliments, we will continue to grow this site and will be bringing in the forum soon as well. Please feel free to provide to us any feedback, suggestions, requests and we’ll see what we can do to build our site as we do our product, “Built by our users for our users”!

      Chad Williams

  2. I’ve been using Multi-edit daily for most of the last 25+ years, and am looking forward to the a new version. I still have a demo floppy of version 3 (if I recall correctly) from American Cybernetics from around 1989 or 1990. 🙂 And I still occasionally dig into my customized scripts to tweak something, which is what attracted me to ME in the first place.

    Although I’m still very happy with the tool, it’s showing its age and is in need of some improvements (e.g., the return of keystroke macros). Also, when doing repeated search and replace operations over hundreds of files I know I need to shut down and relaunch or things eventually get wonky… it exhausts some Windows resource I guess. But, I still feel that Multi-edit lets me work both efficiently and the way I want. Plus all those years of muscle memory help.

    I’m really looking forward to see what the future holds for this excellent tool and will participate in the crowd-funding effort if possible.

  3. Rick,

    Good to hear from you again, it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken! I’m glad to hear you are still utilizing Multi-Edit and greatly appreciate your feedback! We’ll be adding our forums back hopefully very soon and will have a topic within as before for ‘Feature Requests’ and we’ll be using this when completing our new build (once funded). I would greatly appreciate your feedback in this area once available for our developers to make note of to make Multi-Edit a BETTER PRODUCT!

    We are finalizing our Crowd Funding content and are planning release in April, so keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be sending announcement notifications on this push the moment we have taken it live!

    Thank you!

    Chad Williams
    President / CEO

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